#makesome365 week 3

#Day15 - On my Birthday my most Loyal Supporters gave me a great Paintbox 

#Day 16 - We made Paper Cup Pops fom Kate Lilley's 'Eco Friendly crafting'

#Day17 - Sketch of the Glass Counter in which I'm going to build an XL Diorama
at showUP Trademart 2 & 3 february in Amsterdam

#Day18 - the boys' Baby Blanket in a dye bath

#Day19 - Raw Chocolate Bonbons in the making

#Day20 - While the Sun was setting, we made some Stars

#Day21 - Experimenting with Image Transfer 

Week 3 of my #makesome365 Project on Instagram. Lots of folks are asking me where I find the time to make something every day. I can tell you: it's a real Challenge. I often have to make choices and delete a number of (major) things on my Tasklist. But I hope it eventually brings me something Good, cause I have been craving for some Creative Space for a long time. I will endure, I promise!

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Gaaf hoor, ik wou dat ik ook eens wat meer tijd voor creatieve dingen doen had :-(

  2. Leuk om je elke dag te zien knutsellen. Grappig project en mooie fotos. Ik ben je nieuwe fan! ManonX

  3. Dat ziet er allemaal leuk uit! Heerlijk om zo creatief bezig te zijn, hè?

  4. Erg leuk! Ik weet het, tijd moet je maken, maar toch.....